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    Thomas Olajide Olubunmi
    Sun, 28 Aug 2011 01:24 EDT

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Thomas Olajide Olubunmi a Nigerian student in Kharkov,studying in kharkiv national university radio of electronics in preparatory department,i am writing to you about my agent Charity Komuo(charityluba-consultancy)whom i paid money to for her services,i wish to inform you that two weeks to my exam,the dean of my department informed me and my agent and my agent director that two of my original documents where taken by last year from by my agent and her director of charityluba consultancy ltd and uptil date have not returned it to the department in order for me to have gotten my result from the language course,this charity komuo later told me that my original birth-certificate was missing but failed to notify me that my original Waec/Gce o level results is included,not till 9th of tuesday this month august that i later found out myself and she was aware of it but did not inform me and i have written to her since last month to send my masters tuition fees money which she told me the school authorized her to collect,because the money is in her account and i have a receipt of it,her response was that my family should go and get me my
    original Gce o level results of which i informed her i have no copies with me.I would appreciate it if you help me in resolving this issue and in recovering my tuition fees from her because very soon registration for masters program me
    would soon be over and my registration as a student on my passport would soon expire and failure to get it registered would be an harassment against me by the immigration officers or police officers here .I would be grateful
    you can help me out in this case,with many thanks sir.

    Here is my mobile:+380636189606,+380939389745
    Thank you for your kind understanding.

    I hope to hear from you.

    Yours Faithful International Student,
    Thomas Olajide Olubunmi

    PS:Above is my letter of admission,the attached above is my passport information,my visa and below is the contact address of charity luba consultancy in Nigeria.
    Suite B47, Nkwegu Plaza, Area 3 Junction, Garki-Abuja. Nigeria

    Nigeria: Local Students Protest in Ukraine
    This Day (Lagos)
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    Nigeria: Local Students Protest in Ukraine
    By Chinedu Eze, 2 May 2011

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    Nigerian students at the National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv, Ukraine have rioted against the school's Nigerian representative whom the students alleged defrauded them of thousands of dollars during the admission process.

    Charity Luba Consultancy, which arranges Nigerian students for admission in the above school, was accused of not remitting all the fees the students were supposed to pay the school and even doubling the school fees for some of the students. Students who called THISDAY on phone and later sent emails disclosed how they were allegedly defrauded by the company.

    One of the students narrated how his return ticket was not paid in full and how the company took twice the amount of school fees he paid to the school.

    "I paid $4,250 as school fees to the company although some other students paid $7,000, but we found out that the school fee was $1, 500; some other students also paid $2,000 with plan to complete it at arrival in Ukraine.

    We have also paid her commission even before we left Nigeria to Ukraine, but when we approached her she insisted that the school fee was that amount, but when the matter got to the dean of the school she said the school fees was $1,500 and her commission was $2,750 which she never told us existed and we have already paid her over N300,000 for her services in Nigeria which included visa processing and $200 we contributed at the airport for transporting us to our respective schools and those students that paid her $2,000 she paid half of their school fees which is $750 and now they are looking for ways to complete their school fees."

    Another student also disclosed, "I paid N258,000 for one year return ticket, on getting to Kharkiv, Ukraine I logged in my ticket online to find about the expiration of the ticket then I discovered that the ticket was to expire on March 19, instead of September 2011, and that the naira value of the ticket was N204, 000 instead of the N258,000 that I paid, but when I complained to her (Charity Luba) about it she said I shouldn't worry; that she would handle the issue, which she never did."

    The Managing Director of the company, Charity Luba, when interviewed by THISDAY on phone denied the allegations by the students and said that some of the students were yet to pay their fees.

    "There is nothing like that. I did not cheat anybody; rather I even have to allow some of them that have not paid their fees. I found out that they want overseas studies but they do not have money for it. I have made sacrifices and have helped many of them, so the allegation is not true," Luba said.

    The students admitted that few of the students did not complete their school fees, but noted that it should not be the excuse to defraud all of them.

    "Yes some people did not pay her the school fees and they have already paid her for her services for visa etc; she just wants to be felt pity for. They students that did not pay may be two or three of them that I know, but no matter what she may claim, she duped more students and made so much money. Imagine collecting two times the school fees from students and some that paid her $2, 500 she is still asking them to complete the payment to her?"

    Not able to put up with what the students called exploitation and cheating, on Thursday last week the students made attempt to mob Charity Lube, the managing director of the company when she arrived the aforementioned school but the secretary to the head of the school, Aliona Leonidovna, rescued her, prompting the Nigerian students to start a violent agitation.
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    Nigerians scamming Nigerians? Gee that probably hasn't happened in at least 15 minutes.

    @Fastguy, if that's your real name in your post please remove it. And don't post the same thing 12 times. Once is enough.
  3. keep away from charity luba consultancy

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