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Discussion in 'Orphans' started by Ton Y, Mar 29, 2018.

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  1. Ton Y

    Ton Y Guest

    I've been trolling through Scam Watch websites and needless to say I have found almost exactly the same emails that I am being sent. A woman claiming to be a refugee with access to small fortune looking for a male to act in her stead and lay claim to the funds locked in a British bank account. She found me on a dating site, "liked" my profile and then began making claims like she's the daughter of a Middle Eastern Minister killed in a bombing raid and has left her several million USD in a bank account. Now in the latest message; she has requested my personal details including my bank account number. This is an old trick and I am amazed and disgusted that more is not being done (or cannot be done) to reign these people in. What do other users make of this and what options are open to people who fall into these and similar traps?
  2. Sapphire's Strike

    Sapphire's Strike Administrator Staff Member

    Have you got the name and email address of this scammer please? It's always good to name them on the web, many people google their names.

    It is best to ignore these types of emails, they are all scams. The more people who ignore these low lives, the better.
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  3. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    @ Tony,

    1. All are scam mails. Nothing you can do except to delete the emails and don't ever answer them.
    2. These people are virtually invisible and there are hundreds of thousands of them. Finding them and stopping them is almost impossible.
    3. Don't know how they got your bank account information but contact your bank and advise them about the situation. They can keep an eye on your account for you.
    4. If you're in a scam situation, stop. Don't send money and don't answer emails or phone calls. If you need more help contact an admin or see our friends at Fraud Aid
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  4. Ton Y

    Ton Y Guest

    Thanks for the feedback. I can assure you that this scammer does not have my bank details - she had requested them along with a lot of other personal information but she does not have and will not be getting them.
    The scammer's name: Lucy BenWilliams ( claims to be the daughter (and sole heir) to a large sum of money left to her by Dr. Ahmed Williams Wayel (the apparent Libyan Minister of Education). He was killed when a convoy was attacked and bombed. (This was the story she told me). When I googled the name; I found scam watch warnings posted against similar names and emails.

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