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    Received From:, [​IMG] UKRAINE, Dnipropetrovs'ka Oblast’, Kyivstar PJSC
    Return-Path: “Phillip."
    Subject: My Dearest One in the Lord ,
    Date: 2017-01-07
    From: “Phillip."
    Reply to:

    My Dearest One in the Lord ,

    Thanks, for your prompt reply to my message to you. May Almighty God bless you and your entire families for accepting to help me accomplish my heart desire before I go for eternity though I knew very well that God will give me a better place even if I die today and that was why I am donating this funds for the helpless ones and for Gods work.

    I am very sorry for replying you very late it was due to my bad health situation that are getting worst and worst every day.Though I just tried to check my mail box now because it is not all the time that I do have the power to write. Please the most important thing you will do for me is to assure me that you are going to make use of the funds according to my desire because my spirit will be at rest there after I have died seeing that the helpless and poor ones are benefiting from the funds I am donating through you.

    Again, I would like you to keep this offer as a top secret, because there are many people in the World today but Almighty Allah chooses only you, so exposing this to people may make them to be envy you or give you some kind of advice that may not allow you to conclude this project perfectly as God wants it.

    I would like the bank to make the transferring of the funds to your bank account before I will be going for a blood remission in Canada by next week according to my doctor$B!G(Bs advice. So do forward the below information$B!G(Bs to me to enable me draft and send to you a letter you will be sending to the bank where the funds is deposited with other important documents to back up the claim.

    Here is the required information:

    1. Your Full Name:
    2. Your complete address:
    3. Your age
    4. Your occupation and position
    5. Your direct telephone number

    I need this information$B!G(Bs to draft a written letter that you will submit to the bank where I deposited the fund.

    Please it is not all the time that I do have the power to write. And it is important for you to keep this transaction as utmost secrete until the funds enter into your account to avoid bad people working against it as many things use to happened in the world today.

    Do always pray for me.

    I wait for your urgently reply.

    Always pray for my health.

    May God bless you In Jesus name Amen!!!
    Madam Jane Phillip Stevens
    Contact by my private e-mail: ( )

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