Maj Troy M. Sayler, US Army



T. Sayler


I pray that the content of this mail is not misconstrued. I hope to work with you on matter of confidential partnership. I need a trust, honest and reliable partner that can handle this partnership without compromising on confidentiality. I need your assurance that never will you share or go public with this message content.

I am a serving soldier in the U.S. Army and I have had 6years duty tour in Iraq and Afgahnistan. I am currently serving in Baghdad. I want to ship 2 boxes containing (US currency) to you which will remain in your care until my tour is over. The fund is a proceed of $12bn in shrink-wrapped $100 bills flown into Iraq. The cash was distributed with no proper control over who was receiving it and how it was being spent and was misappropriated by government officials in Iraq. Now I want to get this boxes out of Iraq for safe-keep and personal business investment after my tour. You can find more information about the source of fund from this link.

If you will collaborate with me to claim this funds, I expect to receive an assurance of your willingness and most importantly, maintain confidential. I also expect the required information stated below to enable me arrange for the shipment.

1. Confirm your understanding/acceptance to receive the funds
2. Give your assurance to maintain confidentiality.
3. Provide me with the following information:
(a) Your complete names:
(b) Complete contact address:
(c) Mobile phone number:
(d) Date of birth:
(e) Your occupation:

Upon receipt of the requested information, I will proceed with the shipping arrangement of the funds to your address.

Maj. Troy M. Sayler
Combat Support Squad,
US Base Camp,
Speicher - Baghdad.
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