Mama Bongi

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    Mama Bongi using one of his fake usernames to scam with. He has many usernames that he uses to steal money from innocent victims.

    Another FAKE and low life scammer out to steal money by pretending to help, but he has NO POWERS only lots of lies to scam with.

    Please do not fall for these FAKES and do not send them any money as you will lose it. Thank you.

    And here he is again this time using a variation of his alias. Mama Bongiwe 0813164519

    These scammers like to use many names none of them their real name of course.

    Here is where he is calling himself yet another name. This time Mama Azania.
    SAME phone number. 0813164519

    This scammer is also using to scam and steal money from the naive. He is pretending to be a female love spell caster but he is a fake and is just out to steal your money as he has NO powers, just lies.

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