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    Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007
    From: mariam musa <>
    Subject: IS URGENT


    It came to a point were I have to run out of our family house to this church where i am hiding presently, it is far from where they can locate me, the only good thing is that they do not know about the deposit in the bank and my parents warned me not to tell anybody, that I should look for a reliable partner overseas that can help me so I can go very far from them, when I got to the bank, the bank told me that the money is deposited with instruction from my parents that it should be transferred into their foreign partners account abroad but they could not give record of their partner before their untimely death, now they want me to provide them with the information so they could transfer the money, that is why I contacted you hoping that you will not turn me down. My family members envied my parents because they were prosperous in this cocoa business, that is why I have sworn never to have anything to do with them and when I come over to your place after the transfer I will go into school because after my education, I am coming back here to fight them one by one and recover all that rightfully belongs to me, so I need your help urgently. Please, things are not quite easy on my side and I would like you to render help me, do you know that feeding is a big problem to me, I am tired of living like this please to check my emails is very difficult to me. I am just a human being, the assurance that I can give to you is human but I tell you God is the only assurance and that is all I have.
    I visit the Bank this morning and I will present your information to them at the same time for them to contact you immediately. Meanwhile here is the bank name and address below:

    DIRECT TEL / FAX LINE: 225 0566 70334

    Depositor Info:
    Account Number: 14-255-2003-coba-ci
    A/C Name Mr. Mohammed Musa
    Amount: $4.5 million.

    Please try to help me with your entire mind, I have no other person and am counting on you to help me out of this situation. I will get back to you immediately i return from the Bank again, I will like you also to drop your telephone numbers when next time you are mailing me for more information.

    Thanks and God bless.

    Yours lovely sister in Christ.
    Mariam Musa.

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