Mariamma Akash, from Syria

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    Subject: *** Good News To You At Last ***
    Date: 2016-08-26
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    I am Mariamma Akash, a Syrian widow. I lost my husband and 2 of my children to the jihadist militants from the Islamic State in 2014. The Jihadist militants mostly target (we) the Christians Minority.

    I and my only surviving little daughter (Ninan) left in tears and walked for nine hours without even knowing where we would end up, or how we would eat, or where we would sleep or find shelter until we finally arrived Za'atari refugee camp on the Jordan-Syria border.

    We live in an empty tent here filled without possessions except the few cloths we received out of charity. Ever since we arrived here, I have made several attempts to cross over to Jordan as no Syrian is allowed to leave the camp, unless a Jordanian ?sponsors? any Syrian and can pay the fee for their release/crossing.

    I and Ninan do not have anyone to sponsor our crossing hence I decided to contact you to assist us in retrieving 2 suitcases containing some monies that my late husband and I had courier out of Syria in 2013 via a Diplomatic Channel for safe keeping in the UK before they get confiscated as Unserviced/Unclaimed deposits. Be informed that the REAL content of the suitcases are UNKNOWN to anyone including the Cargo Storage Handlers.

    My late husband (Oommen Akash) and I had own a dairy farm and a factory in the second city of Aleppo so the funds are clean, clear and of no criminal origin. You're not sending us any money nor am I soliciting for any financial assistance whatsoever rather, I am prepared to compensate you with 10% of the total face value of the 2 suitcases for your assistance in getting them delivered to you for safe keeping pending when I and Ninan will be able to cross into Jordan and thereafter relocate to your country.

    I thank you for your time and look forward to read from you at your earliest convenience.

    Mariamma Akash
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    How are you doing today?

    I am Ms. Mariamma Akash, Please do condone me for invading your privacy through this medium.

    Nevertheless, I desire to convey a very important message which in the long run will be conjointly beneficial to us.

    This entails a business dealing which I will make known to you the full details in my next mail upon your response and readiness to work with me.

    Please do take this mail in earnest.

    View attached link for proper understanding.

    Respectfully Yours,
    Ms. Mariamma Akash.

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