Mark Benson, Ghana Police

Hua Mulan

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Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018


This message is coming from the office desk of INSPECTOR GENERAL Mark (I.G.P) GHANA POLICE SERVICE, I am hereby to inform you that we have been able to trap down some of the scam artists which have troubled you and the general public in name of helping our individuals to get their benefited fund or to indulge into business with them with the aim of defrauding our individuals.

Upon the course of our investigations, we found some documents bearing your name and your email address in the computer hard disk of the scammers. After Trunk boxes was found on them, in the Arrival Department of the International Airport in Ghana, having tried to escape from your country with all the Money which was supposed to be delivered to you in Good faith, And Having reported this matter to Our faithful President Nana Akufo-Addo, Of the Federal Republic of Ghana, who instructed that the two trunk Boxes containing huge amount of United State Dollars, which was confiscated from the scammers should be returned back to you, Since your name and email was found on their Hard Disk and pen Drivers, with much help from My Humble Officers who work as Scam Detective Experts in the Kotoka International Airport Ghana,.

the Money inside the Trunk Boxes is to be delivered to you in person through the help of a U.N Diplomat assigned already by the President of the Federal Republic of Ghana. You are getting this message, because our Investigation is completed and You must act fast as we are still on a committed Track down Investigation of other scam Artist. So there is no much time left, as you shall be getting your Money Delivered by the U.N Diplomat as soon as you respond with the needed informations, as a sign of cooperation to Ghana Police Investigation Team. As you know this people are thesame people making Ghana and other Africa countries bear a bad name, therein making it difficult for Investors from Other Part of the world, like your country.

Also some of the Arrested Scam Artists confessed and told us that they appear to Victims, claiming to be ( Bank Officials, Contract managers, Barrister and Lottery Agents from London, and many parts of Africa) They have been sending you bogus letters and SMS via your telephone numbers indicating that you have won a lottery which does not exist, claiming to release your fund via ATM CARD, proposing you business which never exist and those using the HSBC Bank London, South African Reserve Bank, First Commercial Bank London, Financial Intelligence Center, FBI E.T.C. to scam you and the general public.

Your response will be very much appreciated as soon as you have received this email. Thank you for your kind attention, for us to make sure our beloved country Ghana , bears a good name again. Please in your reply include your


Note: Stop any further communication with any body from henceforth and at once, to help us stop and fight against corruption and make it convenient for the whole world to Trade Good Business with one another in Good faith and Honesty.

Mr. Mark Benson
Inspector General of Police (IGP)
Ghana Police Headquarter Accra