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    Subject: RE: Monkeys.
    From: M Madu <yoto103@hotmail.com>
    Date: 05/08/2013

    Hello, We are Jehovah's witness missionaries from England and we have currently been sent to Cameroon for evangelism and we brought the monkeys along with us. We are preaching the gospel in Cameroon and we will be back to England in 8 months. Marmoset monkeys are great monkeys, but they require a major commitment, time, patience, and our attention. Since we came to Cameroon, we have not always been around the monkeys to show them the attention they need because we are always busy evangelizing which takes a lot of our time. That is why we have decided to send the monkeys back to Europe, so i really count on you to take good care of the monkeys. The cost for the adoption and delivery of each monkey will be 500$.We will have to send the monkeys to you from Cameroon. We will send them via airfreight. If that is fine with you, then tell me the monkey you are interested in and i will give you all the information about the shipping.PS! They will come with all their papers :) Regards Mikaela and Pascal

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