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Discussion in 'Thank You!' started by Dick H Box, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Easygoing

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    You saved me from getting poorer

    Thank you very much, this is a very informative site and I am glad I became a member, every question I had was answered and they proved to be scams. Again thank you very much and I will pass the word to my friends so they can be a part of this group and keep their hard earned money out of crooks hands.:)
  2. taskforce

    taskforce New Member

    thank you

    Hello, you can report to following email econsumerwb@ftc.gov, spam@uce.gov, and additional email address add to it

    for western union email to spoof@westernunion.com

    for fedex email to abuse@fedex.com
    anthing concer of chase bank abuse@chase.com
    and on with the ups, email to fraud@ups.com
    still go ahead and report here. please fill in the detail from and sent with email address. I do read the report and forward to agency
    anything concern of fbi Fraud or anything relate to it
    email to lax.ectfreports@usss.dhs.gov. i going to find out what type of report for fbi to know


    cut and paste put in as listing report
  3. blackwidow_spider

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    Luhaan man ay magaan na ang aking pakiramdam sa tulong ng lahat.

    Though with tears I have the lightness of feeling already with the help of everybody.

    Nonostante con le lacrime sento la leggero già con l'aiuto di tutti.

    Vaikka kyynelillä minä tunnen valoa jo jokaisen avulla.

    Aunque con lágrimas yo me siento la claridad ya con la ayuda de todos.


  4. piz

    piz New Member

    you are very rare experienced helpfull people

    I just want to say thank you very much for your help

    keep it up guys.

    god bless you:) :)
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  5. livisonm

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    I received as many scams i think there are now more than 500 mails so far, most of them from western african countries esp Senegal and Ivory Coast. Thank you Anti fraud International
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