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    From:, [​IMG] Senegal, Sonatel
    Return-Path: <ppdbtgpadang@jpnin.gov.my>
    Subject: HELLO;
    To: Recipients <ppdbtgpadang@jpnin.gov.my>
    From: Miss Aina <ppdbtgpadang@jpnin.gov.my>
    Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2018
    Reply-To: ainaabdul11@gmail.com
    Message-Id: <20180205180829.ABB1436A8B21@mail.perpaduan.gov.my>

    My new friend

    Am Miss Aina, i want to know you, i have something very important to tell you, if you will be honest and truthful to me, i need your relationship, i will like to send you my picture to see who i am,i will like to explain more about myself for you when i hear from you
  2. From:, [​IMG] Senegal, Sonatel
    Return-Path: <mgrlohajang@krishibank.org.bd>
    From: Manager Lohajang <mgrlohajang@krishibank.org.bd>
    Subject: HELLO
    Date: Tue, 15 May 2018
    Message-ID: <3f2190e9177243d2b7cb6fdb9921a3d5@BKBMBX01.krishibank.org.bd>

    How are you doing, my name is Mrs Aina , please i have something very important to tell you,i need your relationship.
    Just contact me in my private email: gerulaxxx@yahoo.com

    for more explanation

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