Miss Daniella Worley

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    Received from:, [​IMG] MALAYSIA, Sarawak, Exa Bytes Network Sdn.Bhd.
    Return Path: daniella@hof.com.my
    From: daniella@hof.com.my
    Date: 17th Mar 2017
    Subject: My Dearest One
    Reply to: daniellaworley@outlook.fr

    Hello Dearest

    My Name is Miss Daniella Worley 18 years old i am Contacting you to helpme invest my inheritance funds 5.5 million dollars and 1150 kg gold dore bars i inherit from my late parents i want you to invest in real estate or any good business that will bring profit and help me to continue my education in your country. i will give you details once i receive your reply.

    Daniella Worley

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