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    Return-Path: <mssmithlisa@er-asia.net>
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    Subject: Dear Friend
    To: mssmithlisa@er-asia.net
    From: "Lisa Smith" <mssmithlisa@er-asia.net>
    Date: Tue, 22 May 2018
    Reply-To: miss.lisa2smith@mailbox.sk

    From: Ms. Lisa Smith.
    Telephone: +1 270 9841868
    Fax: +1 270 6750912
    e-mail: miss.lisa2smith@mailbox.sk

    Respected sir,

    Good -day my dear , I am Miss Lisa Smith, 21 years of age, From Kentucky United States, My father's name is Donald Smith an oil contractor in Africa, my father spent 28 years in Europe as an oil pipe line engineer/oil contractor. He died on a local air plane crash in Europe. I was born and grew up in Europe i only traveled to my country once since my life time

    I got your contact during my search in a Iraq International business directory to know if i can get a reputable and reliable business man who will guide me and invest my dads funds for our mutual benefit. I wouldn't mind to spend the rest of my life with the man hence he will be of my help to secure the funds and invest it in a very good business that will be yielding interest.

    My dear Sir, we have not meet each other before nor done any business with you before but my spirit said its you that will conclude this transaction without running away with the funds. All the necessary documents regards the funds are with me. Hope to hear from you soon my dear .

    Thank you
    Miss Lisa Smith

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