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Burkina Faso, Airtel BF

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From: "gazini hansie" <>
Subject: Compliment to you.
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2018

Dear Friend,
Compliment to you.

Greeting from Burkina Faso, I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting that fund transferred; this is to notify you that I have deposited the sum of ($$350,000.00us) for your compensation with the agent Western Union Money Transfer to be transfer/send to you. They told me that they will be sending the sum of $5,000.00us to your everyday until the total sum is completed ($350,000.00us).

Below is the information to your first payment of the $5,000.00us you can track it and confirm the MTCN ready to pick up by clicking on (

Sender's Name: Vick Omo
Text Question: When
Text Answer: Now
MTCN: 9901045658

Once, you pick it you should try to let them know so that they can send you another payment. Contact the agent western union office below on; Name; Mr. Vick Omo (Foreign Operation Manager) Email: Go ahead contact agent western union office with direct above email address. And you should not hesitate to let me know when ever they have finish transferring your fund.

Mr. Gazini Hansie

Hua Mulan

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Return-Path: <>
From: "gazini hansie" <>

Contact the agent western union office below on: Name: Vick Omo (Foreign Operation Manager) Email: