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  1. kuo chung

    kuo chung I am a spammer

    We offer our financial instrument- lease BG/SBLC for such business covering Aviation, real estate development, oil and gas, bio tech, heavy construction involving dams, irrigation scheme, Hospitality, Foods industry, telecoms, laboratory etc.

    For further details contact us with the below information....

    Contact : Mr. Kuo Chung
    Email: kuo.mandate72
    Skype ID: kuo.mandate72

    idiot small.jpg
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    Banned and has a shiny new SFS entry... :LOL:
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    And a shiny new star!
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  4. De Master Yoda

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    Mr. Kuo Chung has a nice new IDIOT award. It is quite amazing how stupid they are to post a scam on an anti fraud website.

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