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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We have Available Petroleum and petrochemical Products such as Jp54, D2, D6 Available on CI Dip and pay FOB Rotterdam, dip test in sellers tank,contact us for SCO. Please genuine Buyers and Mandate only

    Maksim Yaroslav (Mr.)
    NefteGaz Consultant.
    Tel: +7 9265036551
    pr-d Stroykombinata, 4, Moscow, 119530.
    E-mail: /E:
    Skype: neftegazconsultant
  2. Sapphire's Strike

    Sapphire's Strike Administrator Staff Member

    This imposter & scammer writes from IP: [​IMG] Gauteng, South Africa.

    He has nothing to sell and is out to steal YOUR money, don't part with a dime.

    What REAL businessman would spam forums? What REAL businessman would post his own scam on an antifraud website? What REAL businessman would use a free email provider? NONE.

    JP54? I don't think so :ROFLMAO: THIEF!
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