Mr. Ndoye Idiu. UBA, Senegal

Discussion in 'ATM Card Scams' started by Michael Pickering, Feb 25, 2017.

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  1. I recieved an email telling me also along with a photo of a UBA Debit/ Visa Card
    saying my friend has put $300.000 dollars
    the uk equivalent in GBP's of £240.000 780 pounds from the General Manager a Mr
    Ndoye Idiu of the UBA Bank in Senegal
    and they requested that I send them by a
    transfer agent the sum of £250 pounds for
    Processing and Delivery and Shipping fee's
    but I feel this is a ATM Scam has the General
    Manager is not called Ndoye Idiu of the Senegal UBA Bank so can anybody advise me what to do?
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  3. I also recieved email same with you as shown in following

    Attention :
    In view of our your mail meeting / update, l have been instructed by our western union payment department to inform you that we have finish processing of the visa credit ATM preparation and you are to pay the processing fees and shipment fees as well before the security pin code number will follow at last when once you confirm the receipt of the ATM card.

    The total sum for the visa world ATM card processing fees $ 100 USD dollar which you are to provide this sum after reading this mail immediately including the shipping fee of $150 making it the total of $250. The total sum you will send now is $ 250 USD with the shipment fees . You are to use the name of our western union office holder and send the money via money gram transfer or western union money transfer today and make sure that you scan the payment receipt via this mail for official book keeping .


    You are to send the below amount with the information above immediately you get our message.

    PROCESSING FEE:.......$ 100 USD dollar
    DELIVERY CHARGE:......$ 150 USD dollar
    TOTAL FEE:............$ 250 USD dollar

    On receiving this mail, you are to send the money and also attach the photo copy of your valid id card. Immediately we receive the money and your id card, our bank will ship your visa world ATM card to your provided address.

    Adresse : Dakar, Route des Almadies,
    Zone 12 lot D BP : 11.476
    Tél.: (+221) 773864562
    E mail:
    General Manager: Mr Ndoye Idiu.

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