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    Hello my intended friend

    I am Mr. Pat Ovie, I work for the First National Bank (FNB) of South Africa as an Account Manager in Private Banking and Wealth Management. I have a well thought after proposal which will be of immense benefit to me and you if we agree to work together. There is a foreign client of mine, a Nigerian politician who died of heart attack in Saudi Arabia in the year 2010 and since then no one has come forward to lay claims to his money. I know that after ten years of dormancy according by the law his money would be forfeited to the national treasury, hence I seek to contact you.

    It will be my pleasure to present you as the deceased business partner and the beneficiary to his estate of US$16.3Million. Please note that my reason for seeking the collaboration of a total stranger is to make sure that high confidentiality required in the Endeavour is upheld. Once I get an indication of interest from you I will intimate you of the process that will follow.

    I shall remain positive to hearing from you.

    Please respond to
    Pat Ovie
    (Private Banking and Wealth Management)
    Tel: +27 73 500 4490
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