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    From:, [​IMG] Benin, Cotonou, 4g 3g And Gprs Customers
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    Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2017
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    Subject: Attn: Beneficiary,

    Attn: Beneficiary,

    This is to inform you that a compensation payment in the amount of US$2,800,000.00, (Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) was legally approved and deposited few days ago with our Bank, UBA Bank of Benin ATM Visa Credit/debit Card Branch Office here in 23 Avenue Steimetz Cotonou Benin Republic and it was deposited in your name by the foreign debts settlement/compensation committee of the Executive Directors Of World Bank Group in conjunction with the European Union Board Of Directors. We were instructed to credit this fund direct to an ATM Visa Credit/debit Card with immediate effect, and follow up on delivery of the Debit card to your preferred delivery address though courier. UBA Bank of Benin ATM Visa Credit/debit Card has produced and credited your ATM Visa Card. Your secret pin is ****and the amount upgraded in the ATM Card is US$2,800,000.00, verified and certified by VISA International. In view of the forgoing, an invitation has been granted to you to visit UBA Bank Benin to receive your Visa Card. Alternatively, if you cannot visit UBA BANK here in Benin for collection of your VISA CARD, you must therefore apply for the VISA CARD to be sent to you via Courier Service at your own expenses by effecting the payments of the following;

    Approved ATM Visa Card details:
    1) Reference release No. 544261
    2) Payment code No. 9090
    3) Merit No. 401024
    4) Cvv. ***
    5) Allocation No. SBN/XBN/FGN 2901233
    6) Fund identification no. DM7177
    7) 4 Digit Pin Code: **** (security reasons)
    8) Card Number: 7177 0239 6684 9753
    9) Exp Date: 06/20

    Kindly advise us on your choice of receiving your debit card. The Delivery charge for your ATM VISA CARD credit card through courier service will be charges by any courier of your choice when you make the choice known to us and payment will be made to the Courier Services Company for immediate delivery. Payment information will be provided as soon as you indicate your option. Once the fee is received by the courier service, we shall immediately send the ATM Visa Card Credit Card to your provided address via courier service and issue you the tracking number and it will take only 1-3 days to arrive in your address, so you can withdraw the first US$10,000.00 that same moment. This ATM Visa Card Credit Card is a global VISA CARD thaat dispenses cash from any ATM machine in any part of the world.

    Thanks and waiting for your responds

    Mr. Sule Jemas

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