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    Dear Sir

    My warm greetings to you. I head the Procurement Unit of KOREA NATIONAL OIL CORPORATION (KNOC).

    My company is keen on buying crude oil from QATAR INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM MARKETING COMPANY LTD. (TASWEEQ) in State of Qatar up to 2,000,000 barrels monthly for 12 months. And I have been given the mandate to make this happen. I am trying to build a middle man structure to come in between both parties prior to signing of the contract. This is why I am contacting you.

    Your question I am sure would be "why can't you do it yourself "? The truth is that it is against my company’s operational ethics for an employee to profiteer from business dealings with the company. I need to work with someone I can trust and who is outside of my personal circle in order for my participation to be kept discreet. So my offer to you is that we work as a team to build a middle man structure with you as the face of the Partnership and me working from the back scene. The commission /brokerage to be earned by the middle man are between $7-$6 per barrel from every barrel of crude we sell. The target is 2M barrels monthly sales. This translates to between $12 M to $14 M monthly revenue and this will span for a period of 12 months.

    I have very serious contacts within oil producing country's top echelon for award of crude oil export /lifting licenses to any company I present for this venture. This venture I tell you is a leaping stone to us becoming a renowned player in the global oil industry.

    I await your response through my private email:


    Thank you,
    Mr. Yang Junho
    Procurement Supervisor,
    Korea National Oil Corporation(KNOC).
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    Dear Sir:

    Thank you for your email. Just a bit more details about my person, I'm originally from Hong Kong but have worked for Korea National Oil Corporation(KNOC) since 2010. I now head the procurement department. My work ID and my Hong Kong ID is attached herein for my best identification.

    I must say that this venture is the most legitimate and fastest money making machinery anyone can set up. It simply means being a licensed sales agent for a product on behalf of the suppliers of the product. The product is the crude oil while the supplier is Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. (TASWEEQ).

    Our company Korea National Oil Corporation(KNOC) buys crude oil from Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. (TASWEEQ). We are looking for a licensed sales agent with the Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. (TASWEEQ) who will act as the sales agent/middleman between our company Korea National Oil Corporation(KNOC) and the Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. (TASWEEQ). This is so because the Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. (TASWEEQ) does not sale directly to us but through their licensed agents who act as their sales agent. I seek a partner to become this licensed sales agent with the Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. (TASWEEQ) because I personally being a staff of Korea National Oil Corporation(KNOC) cannot operate a license with the TASWEEQ as a licensed sales agent and sale crude to the same company I work for. This is why I seek for a partner who will be the face of our partnership and owner of the license while I will be working from the back stage to advise step by step on how to operate the license acting as a sales agent for the TASWEEQ.

    To act as this sales agent you have to apply and secure a crude oil export license from the TASWEEQ. Getting this license will give you the legal authority to become a sales agent to the TASWEEQ and the middleman between our company and the TASWEEQ. I will draft a License application letter which you sign before sending the application to the Licensing Operations department of the TASWEEQ which is saddled with the responsibility of issuing crude oil export license in the TASWEEQ. You shall apply for an export license for the sale 2 million barrels of Qatari crude oil per transaction/month. This is because our company KNOC has a 2 million barrels capacity vessel and has intentions to purchase 2 million barrels of crude per month. I will introduce you to our company Vice president who is responsible of crude oil purchase and insist that our company buys from your export license with the TASWEEQ. Note that our company KNOC will pay the TASWEEQ directly for the product. Once the TASWEEQ receives payment for the 2 million barrels allocation, the TASWEEQ will calculate your commission which is normally $7.00 per barrel and pay the total commission into your nominated bank account.

    This process is very simply and straight forward. I will be available to advise you through the process until our company KNOC pays the TASWEEQ for the crude oil. For my guidance in this process I will take home 40% of the commission while 60% goes to you as the license owner and the face of our partnership. You do not have to set up an office anywhere as you can work as a license operator with the TASWEEQ from the comfort of your bedroom.

    Feel free to ask more questions if you need more clarifications after we will proceed to applying for the license in your company name or individual name.

    Awaiting your swift response.

    Thank you,
    Mr. Yang Junho
    Procurement Supervisor,
    Korea National Oil Corporation(KNOC).
    Telephone Contact: +85258193588.
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