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    Gift for you (my last Will Testament Notice)

    How do you do? I am Angelina Prentice. I am messaging you from my place here at PEACE HOUSE HOSPICE INOKUCHI, NAKAI-MACHI, ASHIGARAKAMI-GUN, KANAGAWA JAPAN, where I have been since I was diagnosed of Parkinson Disease November of last year. I have stage five Parkinson Disease {PD} and my family who brought me here has abandoned me because I am of no use to them at this stage.

    Over the past decade, I have own and managed poultry farm and animal processing business when I was healthy. At some point my business grossed over $40 million before I was forced to leave due to my health.

    I want to donate the money that is left in my business account to you because I want you to assist other people in need. The balance on the account is $ twelve million two hundred thousand dollars and I want you to get the money.

    My only wish is that you donate any amount of money to this hospice home immediately you receive the money. I have make paperwork and every necessary thing that will be needed to claim the money from my bank and my attorney - Ronald Carr, is the person in charge who will assist you through the process.

    Please contact him gmail. I trust him to help you in making the claim and I am sure that he is the best person to trust. Please give him your trust because he is very capable. All your messages will be to him because I am not going to make it and I want to stop suffering. I want to be discontinue on life support after sending you this message. I hope that my wishes will be accomplished through you. I pray the Lord guide you.

    Sincerely and truly yours
    Kanagawa Japan
    CEO prentice cooperation

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