Mrs Charlotte Sparkman

Subject: Dear Beloved
From: "Mrs.Charlotte Sparkman" <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2018 20:53:49 +0100

I`m Mrs.Charlotte Sparkman, I am from United Kingdom England, affected with cancer of the breast. My condition is really deteriorating and is quite obvious that I may not live more than 2 weeks, because the cancer stage has gotten to its 3rd stage. After my Doctor Notice, I have decided to divide part of my fortune by contributing to the Charities & Motherless.

I am willing to donate the sum of 10,500,000.00,Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand. Great Britain Pound to the poor through you. Can you help me? Please contact me on my email (

Mrs.Charlotte Sparkman
From:, United Kingdom, Wetherby, BT
Subject: My Dear Beloved (Donation)
From: "Mrs.Charlotte Sparkman" <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2018 16:45:52 +0100

Same as above.
From: Charlotte Sparkman <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2018

My Dearest Beloved ,

I am writing you this mail from my heart and I want you to know that before I contacted you, I prayed and fasted to God almighty for him to lead me to the rightful person that will help me fulfill my last wishes and i believe he has directed you to Me so you CAN Help Me.

More so, have it in Mind That I am alone here at the heartland medical Wood Ford Hospital United Kingdom and ever since I was Brought back from Africa, every body That Claimed to be my Well wishers has departed from me when they all heard the cancer has affected my whole body and my late husband relatives also denied me simply because I was not able to bear any child for my late husband, that is why I am finding it hard to accomplish my mission here Why on Earth and I am going through Pains, hope you won't put my Trust in VAIN.

I want you to Claim my wealth and Use it to Help Fund the Churches of God and the less privileged, I am doing this Because the Doctor Told Me That I Would not Live for Long after my surgery, so I decided to Use this Fund to Help the Poor through you and your Family.

The Manager of the Bank has mailed Me for a Long time that I SHOULD look for a relation I Trust with my hearth to claim this fund before the Government claim it as unclaimed fund. I do not have anybody & this fund is in fixed deposit, I do not want the government to claim this fund that is why I want to use this opportunity to Help the less privileged.

Below is the contact information in Which you Will Need in Contacting the BARCLAY'S PERSONAL BANK.

NAME: Barclay's Bank

For clear confirmation, I have enclosed here in a scanned copy of my picture in the hospital where I was lying down with the doctor beside me. The purpose of me enclosing the picture was to enable you forward it across to Bank where the Fund is Deposited. They will tell you what I want you to do next & me to give an update on What THEY Told you to do.

I want you to contact my Case Lawyer so he can provide you with the Documents needed by the Bank as a proof to show That you are my Next of Kin, here is the contact of my Lawyer:
NAME: Jeffrey Jahns

The Documents Will Help you out in getting the funds from the Bank Immediately, I am going on surgery by tomorrow so I happen to make these Quickly.

Lastly, Below is my Full details of the Account, I would like you to forward it to the Bank, make them know that I have instructed you to Claim my funds and let Them know that you are Giving Them the details for Verification.

Depositor's Name: Mrs. Charlotte Sparkman
Batch Number: 66,840,090,040 Deposited
Year: 2009
Secret Question: What for?
Answer: Charity
Security Code: 90600040020
Security: 10.5 Million Pounds

I would hopefully reach out to you if I Survive my surgery, i Would love to Come over to your Country to See your humble Work for the lord. Please Keep Praying for Me and Keep me posted on any information you get from the Bank.

Love and peace of the Lord be with you, now and forever. Please kindly Send a Picture of you to me so I CAN frame and place it up by my Side House

During my surgery and your address / Telephone number Which i Will Use in Locating you after my surgery, Hoping to Survive.

Love you. I am trusting and Counting on you & Mrs. Charlotte Sparkman.