Mrs Cooke Priscilla, Supermaritime Courier Delivery Company, Senegal

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Received: from ( [])
From: supermariti couriercompany
Date: Tue, 29 May 2018
Subject: Dear Customer, about your shipment

Supermaritime Courier Delivery Company Senegal
Registration Number: wwdsc/xxx/100/2017
Reference Number:apex/wwdsc/0000453
Code Number:xxxdcsc/6545

We wish to inform you that we the Supermaritime Courier Delivery Company Senegal, Dakar branch, which is the headquarters all over Africa has received a shipment from your partner which bears your personal information as the final recipient of the and the package was original sent by your representative. Be aware that your package has been registered into our computer data manifesto, and currently waiting for security keeping fee and dispatch, meanwhile, you are expected to send security keeping fees of $180 for security keeping. For fast receipt of the fees, send the money through western union money transfer, Or moneygram to the name of our logistics and dispatch manager in the information below for the services required :

Total money to send $180 through western union money transfer immediately very urgent this morning :
Receiver's name===== Mrs. Cooke Priscilla
City================ Senegal
Country============= Dakar
Amount============== 180 dollars

As soon as you send the money, kindly scan and send the payment receipt/slip to us via email attachment for documentary purpose. with the Mtcn sending money code number after sending this money today this morning. Delivery will be made within 48 hours of confirmation and receipt of fees payment. We promise to give our customers the best of our services.Should you have any question(s)please contact us on our telephone number 221.778690113 for more directives/clarifications. please always reply to this email

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.
We are waiting for your responds.
Operation manager : Cooke Priscilla
Supermaritime Courier Delivery Company Dakar Senegal