Mrs Gloria H. Owolabi


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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018

Dear Beneficiary,

You do not know me and you likely would not be interested in paying attention to whatever it is I have to say here. But I want to encourage you to listen to me, and it will be worth your while. I am a Chartered Accountant working at the Telex Unit of the Central Bank of Nigeria. So, I have knowledge about your unsettled claim still trapped here due to deceit, Politics and bureaucratic bottlenecks. I am a Woman so i choose to tell you the truth on how best you can receive your payment but you must promise to keep this information secret, secondly, once you receive your funds swiftly you will compensate me OK.

Straight to the point; I want to advise that you refrain from further attempts to pursue the release of your fund through any official or legal means BECAUSE you will never get paid through such procedure no matter how much you pay or documents entitled in your name. REASON, Politicians has always been the ones that decides who gets paid. In the last dispensation the PDP (the immediate past Political Party in power then) ONLY paid contractors who were ready to DONATE to their party so that the party can benefit from the fund released to such beneficiaries. That explains the tremendous amount of money donated to the PDP during the last general elections. With the ousting of the PDP in the last presidential election, the leadership of the APC (the newly elected Political Party) has followed same pattern in their bid to build stronger political structure capable of oppressing the opposition political parties. So it is a vicious circle and this secret I have shared with you is the simple reason why you have not received your claim even after you have certified all obligations.

I will not say much here until you respond, then I will give you details and guidelines on how to make you an Expatriate Organizational Member/Partner of the APC the ruling Political Party. Trust me, your fund will be released with ease as soon as you are connected to this Power brokers.

I await your immediate response if you are indeed still interested in claiming your fund.

Best Regards,
Mrs. Gloria H. Owolabi.