Mrs. Helen Grace Raymond, MD, New York

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    Received from:, [​IMG] USA, Texas,
    Subject: Hello Dear
    Date: 2016-11-28
    Reply to:

    Hello Dear,

    My name is Mrs. Helen Grace Raymond a medical doctor with UN, I saw your profile during my search for a honest and trustworthy man for a cordial relationship, I'd like you write me back on my below personal email id for further introduction.

    Best Regards,
    Mrs. Helen Grace Raymond
    UN Medical Doctor
    Manhattan New York
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    So she is married and looking?
  3. silentspeech

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    Any more on this? She claims to be in Syria on a humanitarian mission. Has left her kids with mom in Texas. Thanks.
  4. silentspeech

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    This is what I received... Wondering if this is a scam.
    Hello Dear,

    I sincerely apologize for my late response, thanks for your kind response. My name is Dr. Helen Grace Raymond. I'm 48 years old a Medical Doctor and a specialist on General Surgery, I'm from Manhattan New York, currently working with the UN as a medical Doctor for the state emergency and presently we are here in Syria because of the last emergency that they sent to the U.S Government that they lack man power at the refugees camp hospital in Syria that is when we were appointed to come and work at the refugees camp hospital to treat the injured ones.

    You seem to have a good heart and simple despite we just met, It's like i have known you for years and it's still baffles me. I'm just a simple woman and single searching for a good man who i can trust my heart with once am out of here after my contract. Just want to have a happy family and happy home once am out of here, though am scared of heart break, because since i lost my husband i have been single and i can't imagine how to start life with another man, although i have heard friends talking about relationship and how men do break their heart most times..I really don't want to experience that in my life, my late husband was the only man who i have dated for 4 years before i got married to him, unfortunately i lost him in an auto accident 6 years ago and since his demise i have been single.

    My only source of happiness and my world now is my son's Kevin 15 and Alex 17 who is currently living with my mom in Texas. Attached here are my official photo to see. Tell me more about yourself.

    With Love,

    Dr. Helen
  5. Sapphire's Strike

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    Mrs. Helen Grace Raymond, likely to be male, is a scammer telling a tall tale in order to relieve you of your money. It is never wise to reply to emails.
  6. Oznamujem, že presne takýto istý dopis som dostal aj ja a táto osoba ma pripravila o nemalú sumu peňazí. Stal som sa teda obeťou podvodu, ktorý zanechal na mojej finančnej a zdravotnej stránke hrozne ťažké následky. Ak je možnosť zistiť miesto kde sa nachádza, alebo príbuzných tejto osoby ,tak Vás prosím spojte sa so mnou a poskytnite podklady na dolapenie tejto podvodníčky a napravenie škody ktorú som nadobudol. Ďakujem za zdieľanie oznamu a budem čakať na dobré správy. Ľubomír Vrabec
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    @ Ľubomír Vrabec Slovensko - Budete musieť kontaktovať svojich policajti a súbor správu ako obeť. Vezmite všetky dôkazy s vami.

    Je nám ľúto, že ste stratili peniaze, aby tento podvodník.
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    Dobrý deň.
    Dostal som správu od nej v e-maile.
    Ale ani som odpísal k nej.
    V poslednej dobe veľmi populárne sú podvádzanie amerického vojaka.
  9. Headsup

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    Just fyi I was contacted by this very person just last night haha I think these people are funny to keep trying this stuff. It's happened to so many people these days you would think most everyone is keen to it by now.
  10. Gts

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    This scamer is still active , she uses the name lucy banting from the united kingdom , and also jennifer martines from perth in australia , ,, i wonder how many are still being scamed by this low life ...

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