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    I am Mrs.Kabira Safar, i know this might come to you as a surprise,i honestly seek for your help.My late husband is a Syrian industrialist and a member of Syrian business men council In Damascus before his death. My family is under the threat of President Basher al-Assad for our resolute support for a true democratic Government in Syria, which leads to my husband death.

    Many families are running for their dear lives as soldiers/ ISIS Militants are killing civilians, women and children. I want to bring to your notice that before the death of my Husband,he has deposited with Red Cross Storage the sum of $20,500,00 (Twenty Million five hundred thousand dollars). This is the money my late husband saved for his entire life as an industrialist,I cannot use this money in my country now as i want to move the money to your country and start a new life there.

    I anticipate your positive response and on receipt of your mail I will provide you with further details as i want to move the money out of Syria.

    Best regards,
    Mrs. Kabira Safar.

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