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    From:, [​IMG] USA, Richardson, Real Page Inc.
    Return-Path: <>
    Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2017 17:45:18 -0500 (CDT)
    From: AWARD WINNER <>
    Message-ID: <>
    Subject: ( Winning Result #10313155) We have Been Trying To Reach You!

    We have been trying to reach you - Please respond!

    You were chosen as a winner!!!
    $500,860.00 AL`S & Q-CONSULT? Amber award prize.
    details apply below:

    This E-mail is sent by Linda on behalf of Q-consult. All promotional fulfillment is the sole responsibility of
    the owner of the program. Please respond accordingly to the detailed message below:


    The following AL`S & Q-CONSULT mail message needs a claim review order. If you have not yet responded to claim, you will need to send an email that you won with the associated account email that received this notice! .amber-prize-award-winners-congrats, **PLEASE CONFIRM YOU GOT THIS***? ** PRIZE WINNER ( Result #10313155)
    This is an official email received from AL`S & Q-CONSULT?amber-prize-award-winner-congrats. The BOARD have come to a conclusion with utmost scrutiny that you and 8 more persons are eligible to receive a Lottery amber award claim fund of $500,860.00 USD. As a requisite procedure If you want to claim your LOTTERY FUNDS ONLINE , you have to SEND THE REQUIRED IN-FORMATIONS WITH YOUR ID. (1.) FULL NAMES: (2.) ADDRESS: (3.) OCCUPATION: (5.) PHONE NUMBER: (6.) COUNTRY (7.) AGE:--
    All EMAIL winners were selected through COMPUTER RANDOM DRAW
    Issuing date - 22/8/2017 0:03:37
    Receiver - Winner
    Payment - Electronically
    You will receive $500,860.00 USD.
    If you do not send the complete required information's of you ,
    you will not be able to claim your Lottery funds online.

    Quick claim E-mail me on: ( LINDA.HARSHP4@YAHOO.COM )
    Get in-touch with me on :
    UK SCOTLAND: +447024039661
    Fax: +447024039661
    8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Eastern time
    WARNING Note: ----This is not an AUTOMATED E-mail or GIMMICKS message.

    ::::::::::: DISCLAIMER/ COPY RIGHT WARNING!:::::::::::::::::::
    warning message to internet trolls, this is not an automated e-mail or spam message. Submitting invalid information would orchestrate the disqualification and non-submission of winning file. Pertinent and tantamount to copyright 2017 (WIPO) all rights is reserved only for usage via Qconsulting?. do not ignore this message you may be the lucky final email winner, failure to submit an attestation return mail is at your will, if you are not interested kindly ignore this letter and confiscate, do not post or copy and paste this letter in any forum or advert posts sites. If caught and figured out, you would be getting a writ of summon from our legal dept. warning any illegal usage and disclosure to third-party would be liable to an offense of the highest order. Do not follow or click any link not from us, thanks for your co-operation!! qconsulting?

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