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    Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2018
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    Dear till when shall I Mrs Mose Betsy will keeping writing, emailing before you will remember to answer or to comment back to I Mrs Mose Betsy? Mrs Juel Smith Good Day, I wish you good and success in this coming season. But there is something bewildered which I do not understood some people came to my office this morning and dear name is Mr. Charles Moon and David James stated that he was sent by you to claim your fund that you have died in two days ago, he reaffirmed that you had have heart attack and die! he has submitted his own information for us to claim your fund to there address, therefore i want to hear from you before we collect the $55 from them and handing the Fund over to them as the right beneficiary to the fund and to verify whether you are the one that sent them. Someone have to be very careful for making the payment especially valuable fund like this. Please you should respond urgently to enable us know whether

    Send or direct the assurance and guarantee $55 Western Union Payment To DAN KOCH with the bellowed information listed down here as follows:

    Receiver's Name: DAN KOCH
    Country: Benin Republic
    City: Cotonou
    Text Question: Honest?
    Text Answer: Trust
    Amount: $55
    Western Union Reference# on Face-Book For Security Reasons.

    I wait your comment response from you back to I Mrs Mose Betsy immediately

    Yours Sincerely,
    Mrs Mose Betsy
    Office Of The Western Union Money Transfer Benin Republic

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