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Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2018
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Good day and thank you for your attention. Please, I want you to read my email carefully and help me with this project, if you really believe in God. I'm Miss Prisca Coulibaly, humiliating for your partnership and support in transferring and investing my inheritance funds US $ 6,500,000.00 (six million five hundred thousand US dollars) that my late father deposited in a bank before he died.

I will attach my photos and international passport so you know me and pray for me. I would like to assure you that this fund was legally acquired by my deceased father and has no criminal background. My father legally acquired this fund through a legal deal before being poisoned to death during his business trip. My father's death was probably planned by his relatives who traveled with him during this time of his business trip. For after three months of my father's death, his relatives have begun to claim and sell all the properties of my late father.

The relatives of my late father are unaware of the $ 6,500,000.00 (six million five hundred thousand dollars) that my late father deposited on the bank, and my late father secretly told me before he died that I In a country looking for a foreign partner should be my choice, where I will transfer these funds for my own purposes.

Please help me to use this credit for your business in your country for business purposes. I made this decision because I suffered many humiliations from the relatives of my late father. At the moment, I have had connections with the director of the bank, where my late father deposited this money. I have explained to the director of the bank the urgency that is necessary to ensure that the fund is transferred abroad so that I can leave this country for my safety. The director of the bank has assured me that the fund will be transferred as soon as I introduce someone who is honest to receive the fund in my name for this purpose.

Please be assured that the bank will transfer the fund to your account and there will be no problem. This transaction is 100% risk-free and legitimate. I am prepared to offer you 30% of the total amount as compensation for your expenses after the successful transfer of this fund to your account. They will also help me donate 10% to charities and motherless babies in your country.

All I want to do for you is to be my foreign partner for the bank to transfer this fund to your account so I can live this land. Please, I urgently need help because of my current condition. Upon your full acceptance of working with me for this purpose, please return your interest by replying to me so that I can give you the necessary information and details on how to proceed, I offer you 30% of the money for Your help and help to deal with it.

Your urgent answer is appreciated.

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