Mrs. Rebecca Johnson, Canada


Eddie Tuason

Good day my beloved

Thanks for your interest to assist in this good work which God has chosen you to do.

I am Mrs. Rebecca Johnson from Canada, married to Late Eng Mr. Andrew Johnson {PhD} who worked as an Independent Contractor in an Oil /Petroleum related companies as a Turn Around Maintenance ( TAM ) engineer as an Importer in Togo West Africa for 18 years. We were married for twenty four years without a child, before his death, he deposited the sum of {$7,200.000.00 Usd} Seven million and two hundred Thousand United State Dollars with a bank In Togo West Africa and this fund is presently with the bank awaiting my disbursement as beneficiary and next of kin to the funds. Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last long due to cancer Problem.

Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to a Charity organization or a good and God fearing person that will use this fund to build an orphanage home which was the dream of my late husband. l took this decision because I don't have any child that will inherit this money. I kept this deposit secret till date; this is why I am taking this decision, I don't think I will need any telephone communication in this regard presently because of the nature of my illness and the confidentiality of this transfer due to my husband family all around me. Upon your reply I shall give you the contact details of My Lawyer who will assist you with the documentations that will approve you legallybeneficiary of this money. I am very grateful to you for the interest shown in my plight and I want to assure you that you will be greatly rewarded for what you have chosen to do.

Although we are knowing each other for the first time but I believe God has directed me to you as I prayed and searched over the internet for assistance because I saw your profile on Empower site, Be assured you stand no risk as this is my money, I and my late husband labored for it. As the next of kin, i has the sole power to donate the funds to whoever I want. I am a religious woman and take delight only in the things of good Faith and I have prayed a lot on this already and I believe so much in the manifestation of God purpose for humanity that I know he will not fail me and I want you to know that you have to be strong in your faith as he {God} will surely strengthen you. My husband’s relatives will misuse this fund because they have sold my entire late husband's wealth and properties left behind.

They have sold virtually all we have here, As I am here in the hospital they are around me they wait to hear that I am dead so that they can lay their hands on my last belongings here on earth, But that does not bother me because things of the earth are canal, I do not want them to know about this deposit that is why I am communicating with you only on email and I am making communication with the finance firm also who understands my predicament, All I need is your absolute trust, commitment, confidentiality and honesty because I want to see my late husband's vision fulfilled before I leave this sinful world. My spirit directed me to you as I prayed and searched over the internet for someone to help me since I can no longer trust my family members and friends and I do not want this particular deposit to be used for things of the world. I will want you to get back to me that you will be absolutely honest about this transaction and you will use this money to the Glory of God. Also you have to assure me you will keep this transaction confidential because of my Husband family until funds get to you.

I will also want to know a little more about you regarding your life, your spiritual life what you do for a living so as for me to know you well. I require your urgent response, if you are trustworthy and willing to help carry out this good work of God then I will immediately forward to you my lawyer's details in Togo whom will assist in making you the beneficiary to my fund, some copy of other documents are with the Lawyers as I sent it to him for safe keeping so my family members will not lay their hands on it. To this regard I will require your

Full names:..................................
Date of Birth:.....................................
marital status:...............................
Mobile No.:..................................
And scan copy of your passport or id card:......................

With these details I will also inform my lawyer to work with you and help arrange the transfer of the funds to you. As soon as you have received the fund then you will help me set up charity or distribute it to charity organizations and hospitals with 80% of the total fund, while 20% will be for your personal use for every minor expenses you might have made for processing charges from the bank. I pray to be alive when you receive this fund and start this project so that you can visit me here if you wish to. I will be very happy if you can stand and fulfill this work of God which you have been called to do. With God all things are possible.

Mrs. Rebecca Johnson.

Elmor Aglas

I was received same content of message. Thank you so much for this site because this is a big help for us.


I to havve been scammed by thwse people, they have manipulated my love for God, and they thought that God dosen't look out for His? I beg to differ!! God will prevail I guarantee it!!