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    From :, [​IMG] USA, Chicago, Groupon Inc.
    Return-Path: <>
    From: "Mrs. Stella Eze" <>
    Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2016
    Subject: YOUR ATM CARD,


    This is to thank you for your effort. I understand that your hands were tied. Not to worry. I have succeeded and the money has been transferred into the account provided by a newly found friend of mine in Australia. To appreciate your past assistance and commitments I have dropped an automatic teller machine of $1.3M US Dollars) for you. I am in now in hospital for treatment of cancer which may led me to die any moment from now, please remember to pay 10 percent to charity organization and remain balance is for you and your family.Moreover,kindly contact my parish pastor now. Mr Fredrick Bernard With below information to enable him delivery the ATM to you Contact person: Mr. Fredrick Bernard Email: ) )Forward my mail to him, and then ask him to send the ATM CARD to you and provide him the following information.such as

    Your Full Name:-----------------------
    Your Home Address:--------------------
    Your home phone(s):--------------------
    Your cell phone:-----------------------
    Your Country:-------------------------

    This informations is what will enable him deliver the ATM CARD to you. as i have left instructions on your behalf. more bless.

    Mrs. Stella Eze

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