Ms. Dr. Adina Batara

Discussion in 'Female romance scammers' started by Selva rajan, Sep 3, 2017.

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  1. Selva rajan

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    Hi All
    Me too received the same mail from 31.8.2017. still continuing Now She has changed her name as Ms. (Dr) Adina Batara an Orthopediac surgeon I am presently working with the Sparrows Offshore Services Ltd in UK as one of their doctor working in the offshore oil rig.
    Her Quotes "I am single parent of one daughter and I am presently living alone here in Colchester, Essex UK while my eleven (11) years old daughter is living with my aged mother in Coleshill, Birmingham, UK since I separated with the father of my daughter since over seven years ago while we are not legally married before we separated.
    Next request of Her
    Although I am unable to send completely all what I have in mind to send to you as there is no time on my side again, but all other items that I manage to package and sent along with the Architectural Building Drawing Plans of my propose Private Clinic project are the followings:
    (1) The copy of my International Medical Practitioner's License,
    (2) One Panasonic Digital Video Camcorder (model AG-HMC74)
    (3) One Blackberry Torch 9800 Slider phone
    (4) Two HP Pavilion dm4-1160us Notebook PC this which you should take one for yourself and keep one for me to be used in storing all tourism activities which I will later show to my employer for the evidence of my true tourist trip,
    (5) One Seiko Men's Sportura Wrist Watch (Model #SLQ021) which is the most valuable items that I also included in the parcel as a special item that I am giving to you from the bottom of my heart as you are now a special man to me because you too really took me special by agreed to stand by me on my propose clinic project in spite the fact that we have not met before.
    Next request
    You have to pay Duty fee on the parcel is the sum of INR 26,500 Twenty Six Thousand five Hundred Rupees .
    They will contact you by Tomorrow Morning after making the payment they will deliver the parcel to your giving address . inform me once you get the parcel . you can change the money i send you in Bureau de Change in your country no problem . My dear all the documents to exchange Money is inside the parcel .
    In Deep Admiration and Love
    My sweet kisses to you
    In Deep Admiration and Love
    Ms.Dr.Adina Batara
    Anyway He or she has to be caught early.
  2. Anil Aliyan

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    Hi All,

    I also have received ditto same mail from Dr. Adina Batara. Be careful.
  3. Sampath

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