Ms. Edwige Boris, Ivory Coast

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    Date: 16th Feb 2017
    Subject: Greetings from Ms, Edwige Boris.
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    Good day dearest One,

    With all due respect, My name is Ms.Edwige Boris, The surviving daughter of Late Mr. Boris Kone of Ivory Coast, I am 23 years old, I lost my Entire family on 19 December 2014 in a ghastly motor accident, I lost My Mum, Dad, two brothers and one other sister. Dear, it is a horrible experience which i don't think i will easily go out of it, Currently am staying with my uncle.

    Dear, I must tell you that i still don't have peace of mind here because my uncle who am staying with is only interested in my inheritance but he never allow me to further my education in his house since the death of my family. I inherited the sum of $3.7 million dollar from my late father who work as a contractor at federal ministry of work and housing, My uncle has several times ask me for the details of the bank where my late father deposited the money and all the necessary documents of the money and each time i refuse to give him the details he grows so much angry with me but he never allow me to further my studies in his house because of wickedness.

    He has now given me date to bring out the documents that covers this money in the bank or he will kick me out of his house, Please i want to transfer this money to your country and quickly come over to your country as soon as the money gets to you and invest the money in a lucrative business also to further my education over there, Please i promise to give you %20 of the total sum as soon as you agree to help me, Please i really need your urgent reply to confirm your willingness to help me in this matter.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Ms. Edwige Boris.

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