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    Return-Path: <"wwww.">
    Received: from (mf-smf-ucb010 [])
    Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2017
    From: Ms Sandra White <"wwww.">
    Reply-To: Ms Sandra White <>
    Message-ID: <>
    Subject: Welcome To USA Couriers Delivery Company

    Welcome To USA Couriers Delivery Company,
    Physical Address
    2200 Norcross Parkway
    Suite 230
    Norcross, GA 30071 USA
    Tel +1 205 618 8123
    Our web

    Good Day Sir/ madam
    My name is Ms Sandra White; I am a citizen of United States Of America Working with USA Couriers Delivery Company here in Atlanta Ga 30314 USA, our Company web is http://www.usacouriers.commy dear this is to inform you that a Cashier check worth of $2.5 million United States was register in our office for further delivery to your address therefore I want you to reconfirm your Address to me so that within 24hrs our agent will have the package deliver to you today because our service is a day delivery therefore you will receive your Cashier check today immediately you have reconfirm your address and also send Our mailing fee within couple of hours time the package will be delivered to Your address, for more details kindly login to our web site Final i want you to understand that your package is right here in the United States, therefore I want you to reconfirm your address to me immediately you have receive this message,

    Awaiting your reply with your full names and address,

    Best Regards
    Ms Sandra White
    From USA Couriers Delivery Company

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