Nathaniel Cheong, China South Industries Group Corporation

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    Return-Path: <>
    Received: from [] by via smtad
    Subject: We need a representative
    From: "Nathaniel Cheong" <>
    Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2018

    Contract Opportunity
    Job type-Contract
    Time Required:3-5 hours per week.
    Role- Account Receivable Agent.

    Hello President & CEO

    We are currently recruiting companies/individuals on behalf of a large steel company located in china {China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC)} for a number of account receivable agents in North America. As an Account Receivable agent, you s h a l l be receiving all our account receivables due to the Company in North America to directly support sales operations.

    This position does not affect your current job or business operations. Please email us if interested in the role or have any questions on the role.

    Nathaniel Cheong
    China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC)

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