Need to help prove if scam or not

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Hi I'm xx a xx national, please I want to know if Its true Mr Gabriel Alphonsu is an a lawyer in ivory coast or working with Advans Bank in Abidjan.

Mr. Alphonsu Gabriel and mr. Advans the director Advans Bank in Abidjan then Mrs. Gisele guenette a uk nationalist are giving me an offer but have requested alot of money of which they first asked for some few but now that i paid they still need more. I have there emails and am suspecting them to be fake because i have seen copies in website which are resembling the ones they scanned and sent me. All talk of cote d'voire and use French documents that i dont understand. Some signed by justice kudan Bakayoko and hon.Prilippe Mousa
I wish to know if this is a scam
Purchase Invoice No2185967
customer:Ms. Olivia Wilson
city Adelaide South Australia
country Australia
phone (61) (0) 435-753792t

gemstones worth $3,281404 for cutting and polishing at KL GSIP GEMOLOGICAL LAB>
order date---27 September 2017

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@trevor welcome to AFI. Everything smells wrong with this. The phone number is wrong and a search shows this.
No results found for "KL GSIP GEMOLOGICAL LAB".

That OLIVIA WILSON has to pay $35000 USD For Customs to release her merchandise = Ridiculous.

Can you supply the email of the scammer?