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  1. Godzilla

    Godzilla Super Moderator Staff Member

    Scammer: Martin Benjamin or Benjamin Martin

    Martin Benjamin.jpg
  2. shonna

    shonna New Member

    it looks like the real thing how do know its fake:p
  3. Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant Giant Admin for a Day Staff Member

    The numbers at the bottom are not real computer read numbers. The picture and the name may be stolen from a real victim. Scammers can use a stolen passport as a template. However, this scan of a passport is a complete fake.
  4. foxyken

    foxyken New Member

    Can anyone advise if this looks like a fake passport? Jan Cambier

    Cambier, Jan.jpg
  5. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    The picture looks fake but the rest of the details check out ok , I think it is stolen, or the copy of a victims passport ?
  6. tony.dp

    tony.dp New Member

    Please can someone tell me if this is fake???

    Please i need to know if this is a scam because is for an apartment in the hague (holland), and she said to send a deposit to [] that is her lawyer in London!!!!

    Dutch special.jpg
  7. Garreg Ddu

    Garreg Ddu Gweinyddwr Staff Member

    @ tony.dp

    :welcome: Thank you for your post.

    The email address given, if corrected to <>, shows as being related to a known fake job scam on a website in the Czech Republic.

    The picture is too small and the definition not good enough to see the details. Do you have a better resolution image?

    If you have any emails, especially with headers, which you can post it would be very helpful.
  8. definetly false

    This passport says USA, it is supposed to say the place of birth not country

    Besides a dutchpassport requires that you see the ears of the person on the picture, so this picture would not be accepted
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