New job scam in Pakistan

Discussion in 'General scams' started by rana umair, Nov 28, 2011.

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    New Scam in Pakistan

    Few days back, a friend of mine got troubled when he lost almost 400$ in a scam. There's a website
    which claims to provide you home based ad posting jobs.

    My friend paid them the money they asked to give him their "so-called plan" and he got some stuff to Spam major classified ads sites which he did as he was instructed, the first month he was able to earn ~ 60 bucks and he felt some comfort, the next month his earnings fell below $20 and upon contacting them, they didn't even bothered to take a call.

    In the end, he lost about 300 bucks and he's still "Job-Less".

    I was planning for lawsuit to help him get his money and get them busted for doing this scam on such a scale, still not sure of local laws how they'll tackle this BS.

    I would like to get opinion of our senior members to help me in understanding how i can sue them, if there are any examples anywhere in the world which you guys might know, please share.

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    The Address 60 Royal Oak Plaza NW Calgary, AB T3G 0A4, Canada is that of

    a residential unit in an apartment block/condominium. This may be a fake address.

    Owns a website and uses a gmail ?


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