Union Bank
Scammer: Frank Hillary

This check is so fake it's hilarious. :) The numbers at the bottom of the check are not even MICR numbers. This check would not process through any bank. Hopefully no one would ever cash this.

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Central Scrutinizer

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Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria PLC

This check is so bad, the numbers at the bottom right corner are not even MICR numbers. Of course you can't see them because they are blacked out. But trust me on this one. The scammer is so lazy. This check would kick out of a processing machine at your own bank if you ever deposited it. Needless to say, the person who received this never saw any of that $20 million.

Scammer: Henry Brown

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Central Bank of Nigeria

Scammer: Robert Peter
Another idiot scammer with a little math problem. Dollar figure says $6 million, body figure says $15.5 million.

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Central Scrutinizer

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A little bit of history for you. You might wonder, how long have Nigerian scammers been trying to pull fake check scams? Well take a close look at this little number which was done on a manual typewriter and is dated 1992. Also notice that there is no machine encoding on the bottom of this check which meant that as soon as it got to a bank it was sent for "special handling" and where it was discovered to be a fraud. Notice that nice red stamp in the lower center of the check marked "fraudulent". This idiot scammer (Rasheed Mohammed) thought that someone would be dumb enough to send him $34.8 million just because he sent them a fake check. Well, I suppose someone had to try.

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