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Discussion in 'Romance scams' started by wiser_now, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. wiser_now

    wiser_now New Member

    Hi, I am posting to this forum in an attempt to get information out to anyone and everyone I can. On 19 Dec 09, a Samson Malcolm, of Manchester, United Kingdom, CEO of a Geology company contacted me. We began emailing, instant messaging, and eventually speaking on the telephone. Samson Malcolm told me he was on his way to Nigeria to do some work there. After the first week he was there he sent me a request to wire him 22K USD to the following:
    Country: NIGERIA
    Zip Code: 23401
    This guy was so sweet and so perfect that I thought I should have a background investigation conducted. So I contacted Wymoo International and the report they provided me confirmed this guy is a Nigerian advance fee fraud. None of his information could be validated, all his IP traffic originated in Nigeria, his phone number is a IP based telephone number. His credentials are all fake, including his company. What amazes me is how this guy Samson Malcolm has himself all over the internet, on facebook, linkedin, and every kind of online dating site available. If you should come across this username, [] or yahoo messenger id samsmalcom, or phone number +44-701-114-6496. Stay clear because this guy wants money. He was relentless and manipulative in order to try and get me to send him money. The types of incidents that he claimed happened to get him in such a financial demise were almost comical. First, his equipment broke and one of his workers was injured, and his AMEXP card didn't work in Nigeria. Then he was going to get thrown out of his hotel for not paying his bills. When I asked him why didn't he work with his company back home to have them help him he made up all kinds of convoluted excuses. Then the last thing that happened is he was hospitalized and diagnosed with a hole in his heart and needed to be operated on but he would not let them in Nigeria. It went on and on and on...I never sent this person any money but admittedly he was tenacious about trying to get money from me. I just wonder whose pictures he stole to create this online persona.
  2. Will Konsider

    Will Konsider Emeritus

    Hello wiser_now,

    You have just encountered every major excuse a West African sweetheart scammer will throw at you. (He missed a few but you got the majority :D )

    Now if he had hooked you (you had taken a love interest in him), you would have been in trouble, and now you can see partially what sweetheart scam vics deal with. If you could provide me with more info on him it would be appreciated. (I just saw your other post :) )

    Also regarding his phone number, I could have told you it was a redirect.
    +44 = the UK
    701 or 702 or 70x indicate a redirect service in the UK. You are really calling the UK.... up to the point where your call gets forwarded or redirected to some other place in the world.

    As to the photos he provided you, they were most likely stolen from the Internet or possibly another SH scam victim. I would like to check the photos out and possible track where they came from or where else they are being used.
  3. Will Konsider

    Will Konsider Emeritus

    wiser_now, you have been busy and I don't mean that in a negative sense. I found the other sites you posted on regarding Samson -- good job :spudnikbigthumbsup:

    I also found his profile - this is one smart scammer. I can usually detect a West African SH scammer by reading their profile but his use of the English language is very good (or the script is very good). The only thing that struck me as odd on his profile was under "The Skinny":
    English just OK?!

    I also found his Linkedin account which I accessed as I have an account there - the profiles there are less convincing. I say profiles because I guess he couldn't decide which occupation he wanted ;)

    One is a profile for a CEO of a geological firm (Diams Research Institute) and the other for CEO of a consumer goods firm (Absco Industries). He's also joined a group on Linkedin: "Professional Linked singles". I've joined to see what he's up to - I need to be accepted first.
  4. wiser_now

    wiser_now New Member

    Samson Malcolm of Manchester, United Kingdom

    Will Konsider,

    I apologize for my delay in responding. Yes, he claims he is of Italian descent and I have actually spoken with him at the following number +44-701-114-4696 and he sounds like a foreign person who learned to speak UK english. I also spoke to his so called "guide" the name who I should wire money to and clearly he sounded Nigerian as we have many Nigerian priests in our Parrish. He does not have good command of the english language and I have received emails where he downloaded them generic love letters on the internet.

    I looked at his linkedin accounts too and he said the name of his company had changed to R&T Research Industrustries ...but my the Wymoo Investigation could not verify any company in the UK by that name.

    Oh, my it was my first online dating experience and yes, it took me by surprise! But I am a computer engineer and I know some very cool CEOs. His demise would be unheard of with the people I know. So things just didn't seem to add up. I did have a love interest in him...but not in a way to part with 22K! Are you kidding me? No, CEO I know in would ever ask someone for 22K USD not one! If you are a CEO of a business then you should know how to do your business and surely not rely on a love interest you only met in Dec...are you kidding me? WTH?

    Please let me know if I can help you in any way to track down to photos. My concern is the guy in the photo has no idea he has an internet persona that is scamming innocent people. I think my own photos will be used in the same way as I sent Samson Malcolm photos of myself via email.

    I contacted every person I could on his facebook account and we all had similar stories. I can tell you the American women on his facebook have been alerted to the fact that Samson Malcolm is a fraud. I monitor his account every day to see if he has new friends and I will send a message to them too. This is such crap! I am pissed off!

    Please let me know how I can help! And I thank you for your help!
  5. wiser_now

    wiser_now New Member

    I am so tired from all of this! I have contacted and posted every where I can think of..and I am very sick with the flu...boy stressed me the hell out for the past 2 weeks...OMG I blocked his email address and a new one would come in to my inbox with a different email address.

    I will check back tomorrow.
  6. wiser_now

    wiser_now New Member

    I can send you emails that he sent me just let me know where I should send them. I want to help! Whatever I can do.
  7. wiser_now

    wiser_now New Member

    BTW-Will Konsider I appreciate your help! I really do! I monitor his FB and I sent messages to all the women on his account. His friends have declined from 29 to 22...I just don't know what else to do to get the word out there. What baffles me is how he still keeps his facebook, linkedin, and,, romania....I can't remember the exact location but if you google him he will come up on every dating site from here to kingdom come.

    Can I ask you? Will you be able to to find the man who is actually in the pics and let him know his pics are being used to create a false persona. I am worried about that myself as I did send Samson Malcolm pics of myself and I am wondering I my pics will be used to trap some other person. This has been a damn nightmare! A being a first time experience on a dating thanks. I sent okcupid an email about Samson Malcolm and I have yet to receive any kind of response. All I have read about the Nigerian government...well, no wonder there are so many f**kin scams coming from there. All I can hope is to get the word out so others will not fall victim to this idiot! His emails are NOTHING like his write-up on okcupid he clearly had that crafted or he stole it..cuz boyfriend does not have command of the english language. Again, I would be happy to share any information to get this guy and let the guy in the pic know his identity has been stolen.

    I an sure that I and several others on Malcolm Samson's FB will end up as Russian or Romania brides to extort money from unsuspecting men.

    What pisses me off the most...I have no recourse...I have no justice...the FBI will handle but what does that mean to the women on his facebook? LinkedIn...etc?

    I am pissed off!
  8. Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant Giant Admin for a Day Staff Member

    44 a UK redirect phone service and that phone can ring anywhere in the world but it probably does ring in Africa. They works from scripts and if you look around you can probably find similar ones on the net. We've probably seen all of them. If you want us to give him the special deluxe treatment we can do that.
  9. Miyuki

    Miyuki Administratrix Staff Member

    The email address you got when you signed up.
  10. wiser_now

    wiser_now New Member

    Anything I can do to help just let me know. Sure give him the deluxe package! :)
  11. Will Konsider

    Will Konsider Emeritus


    You're very welcome and there is no need to apologize. I understand your frustration and anger. I applaud your concern for the guy in the photos, but realistically there's little hope of finding him. I've used TinEye to search the Net for every one of the photos you supplied and a few others I found. No hits. The scammer could have stolen them from a Facebook account or someone he scammed. And like you surmise, SH scammers do use photos of other victims to scam others.

    You are doing the best thing that you can do - spreading information of his scam and warning others. Continue to monitor his FB account and continue to warn others :D Personally, that is all you can do.

    I do not recommend that you try to bait this scammer for two reasons. First is that you are too personally involved; too emotional/angry toward him - you cannot bait someone effectively. The other is that the scammer has too much personal info on you (although I admit its not the same as if you had been totally scammed by him). Still if he gets the slightest hint its you baiting him then the advantage goes to him or the bait goes dead.
    Primarily it comes down to you doing what is physically & psychologically best for you. I would be negligent if I didn't discourage you from direct interaction with him. Warn others but ignore his emails or phone calls :)

    And he certainly deserves "special" treatment :D
  12. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    He's biting, PM's welcome
    Picked him up on tSB
    from Malcom Samson <>
    date Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 4:39 AM
    subject Re: Hi
  13. I met samsmalcolm on Linked in and I feel like I've lost someone special

    I reported him to Linked in for fraud on both of his accounts, after reading these messages and those on another site.

    He is good at making you feel so loved, at projecting such sincerity.

    Thank you for your postings.
  14. Kat

    Kat Administrator Staff Member

    Yes they have to sound good or else they can't steal your money. It's bad enough when they do that but stealing your heart is even worse. :(
  15. Hurt

    Hurt New Member

    hi I to got caught by this love rat,he contacted me on a dating site but it took me awhile to actually contact him...we emailed and chatted for a about a month and then he wanted to visit me but had to go to nigeria first...he didn't contact me straight away so that must of been when he was chatting to everyone else..he did ask me for money eventually to help him out for the extra flight money...stupid me felt sorry for him as his amex was not working and unfortunately I also travel and do know that amex doesn't always work...I sent him all up about 2,000 dollars...when he never contacted me with the flight details i did send very nasty emails to him for being a scammer and i would report him to the efcc in nigeria...of course i have never heard back from him..this all happened in January so I wish I had of seen this site before as I never would of even contacted him...he also gave me a phone number and it is 447024017652..if this arse ever gets caught I would like my money back...and I wonder whose photo's he used...its these people who show us never trust anyone and then oneday when some real comes along they won't be trusted
  16. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Our sympathies on both fronts new member Hurt.
    January seemed like an active month for that email address which he may well change now along with the stolen photos . The phone number you posted is a new one which hopefully when googled will alert others.
  17. needtruelove

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    need help

    please help me how to check IP address from scammer email
    thank you

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