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Hello my dear !!!
Honey, thank you for you answer to me. Your email make my day and bring a lot of joy to me! You should know that you are number one man in my life ! I amso happy that you was coming in my life ! Since we met I smiling more... I know that I meet a somebody special... I am thanking you for words which you write to me, for your love and care, I know that you are serious about us and from my side I promise that I will try to do my best to make you happy.

I wish to be a little bird and fly to you right now... I want to be near you, take your hand, look in your eyes and kiss you... I want hug you and tell you about my feelings without computer, I want to say it face to face.. I am sad that I have money problems and can not afford trip by myself, we have a bad financial situation in Russia now, its a serious crisis here. I am very much hope for your help.

I go to tha agency again,that really fine place,they always answer to all my questions, I asked in agency how does it possible to send money from your country to Russia and they told me that there are 2 good companies which making money transfers between countries.... It is Western Union and Money Gram. Both of them have web-sites www.westernunion.com and www.moneygram.com... and both have offices in most of countries and cities of the world...But better way to send money to my city from this two companies is Money Gram (because I have office of it near my home)... Money Gram (as Western Union) making money transfers from person to person from different cities and countries. It is very fast and safe way.

Everything what you will need to make transfer just visit Money Gram office, give them my full name and my home address, give them cash money, show them your ID and then they will send money,

they will give you a transfer code and with this code I can receive money here... that's how it works...I asked a lot of questions and write to you a lot because I don`t know about all that thing... In the agency they say that information you will need for MoneyGram :

My full name - Olga Birukova;
My full address - Russian Federation;
avenue Turgeneva 10, apartment 37
postalcode - 397160;

So when I will have money I will go to pay for passport and visa... and all documents will be done after about 2-3 weeks and then I can sit on a plane and come to you! And our dream about meeting can become a true... I am really waiting for that moment and I am sure it will be fantastic, when I will see you I will be very excited.

We are far away from each other now, but I am sure that we need each other, I am sure that the fact that we're met was meant to be. Who knows, may be we are two halves of one....From my side I feel that you are a special person and I am sure if we both want and do everything we can have a good and happy future together, its all just dreams now, but we can make real our dreams, its totally in our hands.

I am finishing my letter now, I will think about you and dream about our future meeting... Hope to hear from you soon. Please remember that you are always in my mind ! I hope you will wait me !

Sending you many kisses and hugs !
Bye-bye my dear !!!
Your Olechka.