Omar Ashkal, from Libya

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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018
From: Omar Ashkal <>
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Subject: I would be awaiting your quick and informative responds.

Dear Associate Investor

With honor and regard, am sending you this message to inform you about my present situation here in Europe. My name is Omar Ashkal from Tripoli Libya. I was a financial consultant and also a revolutionary council member to the former Libya President Muammar Gaddafi.

Am here to secure my life aftermath the tragedy of the civil war that comes up in Libya which I lost my three sons including my wife during the crises. I have a whooping sum of USD$150, Million United State dollars secure at the finance and loan company for investment purpose.

I want your assistance on the subject matter for us to have the fund in question invested on any magnitude investment that could be bench on under your control. I would advise you to forward me your personal details information as stated, Your full name, Your delivery contact addressee, Your mobile number, Your working status, and Your age.

The above details information would be used for the required documentation on the said funds as my beneficiary and also as my co-associate partner in any investment that would be invested under your control.

I would be awaiting your quick and informative responds.

Omar Ashkal