OpenDNS blocks web spam.

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    "Web Spam: Click/Survey/Pharmaceutical: Redirect targets containing unwanted Sweepstakes/Survey/Advertisements for free merchandise, pharmaceutical spam or rolex distributions."

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    Flame malware blocked by OpenDNS

    For the past several weeks, our CTO Dan Hubbard and the security experts at OpenDNS have been working closely with the research team at Kaspersky Lab to better understand Flame, the complex malware toolkit infecting targeted systems in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan and other Middle Eastern and North African states.

    OpenDNS users are now automatically protected from Flame malware in addition to other large-scale Internet threats like Flashback and Conficker.
    As the world’s largest Internet security network and DNS provider we're in the perfect position to decipher malware like Flame and gain unique insights into where the malware's infections are and, potentially, what it aims to do. This helps us stay ahead of the curve so we can continue to be proactive in our efforts to protect you and the people you care about.

    Take a closer look at Flame malware through the lens of our security researchers in this interactive timeline and infographic and share your feedback with us in the comments.

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