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    Search engines constantly crawl the web & the info is loaded onto their servers, which means different search engines will differ in their application and collected data will vary like the very useful Alltheweb (now owned by Yahoo)
    see http://www.thesearchenginelist.com/#a
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    Thanks Ben. :) Since google messed around with their cached, this information has come at the right time, I was going to start to look elsewhere.
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    Above link flagged as a viral site.

    Analyzed On 2013-11-20 07:06 GMT
    Website Address
    Blacklist Status BLACKLISTED
    Detection Ratio 1 / 27 (4 %)
    Domain 1st Registered 1995-02-21 (19 years ago)
    Google Page Rank Google Page Rank
    Alexa Rank 23,389
    Website Blacklist Report
    Engine Status Info
    hpHosts Alert DETECTED

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