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    Return-Path: <>
    Received: from ( [])
    From: Tivoli Tivoli <>
    Subject: Application Approved & Accepted
    Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014


    Thanks for getting back to me, I am very glad to hear from you, and sorry for not returning to this is because I'm a little busy here, yes, all information is fine by me, and you have qualified to be definitely my new tenant. I have to give my House to rent .. More on what I can see your willingness in this rent .. I'll be giving my rental Property and a connection to broadband Internet at home. Please come back to take good care of my House I have read your mail, you are a responsible person I can trust with all my heart. Reading through your email I discovered that you would be a trustworthy person. You are the kind of tenant I've been looking and I want you to paste in his words as a good person responsible and trustworthy I can trust with all my heart, I promise to rent to you because no research award income and I know you'll love the interior of the House when you move in.I want you to keep in mind that I would send the keys and documents of my House with you before your move date through International delivery company.

    These are the contents of the packages to be delivered to you.
    1) The entrance and the rooms Keys.
    2) Paper/permanent home (which contains your reference).
    3) The House documentary file.
    4) Receipt of payment of deposit
    5) Full address and description of the House.
    6) Code of Safety for the systematic laptop.

    I'll get the key and the document to the courier office as soon as you are ready to pay the deposit has been confirmed on site for delivery of packages for you, so kindly reconfirm your delivery address with care, because it is so important.

    Name of recipient:
    Package Delivery Address:
    Cell Phone Number:

    Know that I will have my Property documents sent to you based on trust and hope that I will not be disappointed about it?Please keep my Property clean and tidy, because I worked very hard for this my Property that I want to rent, and I do not want my Property to be anyway misused in my absence and I hope that you will help me treat my Property like yours?. Get back to me so I can pass on the information you will use for the first month rent deposit fee so you can have key packages arrive as soon as possible.

    We hope to read from you as soon as possible today.

    Thanks and God bless.
    Pastor Daniel W Carrico

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