Patricia Calton/ Dogger Constantini Esq, Cliforda Law Firm UK

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    This fraud is still going on in Australia

    Have my property on the market, so they have a client and will transfer cash in my bank account! hahahaha
    Those people should be put in jail!

    Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2014
    Subject: Re: Apartment - Property #: xxxx

    Dear xxxxx,
    I have just concluded with my client.... My client, MR. DAVE PINCHES has appointed a lawyer who will ensure that the money is transferred to you successfully. He will give you power of attorney as the legal recipient (beneficiary) designated to receive the money for the payment of the property, he will also monitor the transaction. This cash is BOND money which cannot be touched for any reason, no bank charges can be deducted while in transit to your account and no tax can be deducted from BOND money until it gets to your account. MR. DAVE PINCHES and his lawyer agreed that, 1% of the money will be accrued to the lawyer as legal service charge after you must have received the money.

    After your contact with the lawyer, he will give you further details and would direct you to the bank in custody of the cash. He wants the process done this way so you can easily be attended to. Now I want you to send an e-mail to the lawyer; tell him you were directed by MR.DAVE PINCHES to contact him in order to open communication in respect of the said cash presently in a non-investment transit account with a bank which is for the payment of your property.

    See details below:
    Firm: Cliforda Law Firm
    Name: Dogger Constantini Esq.
    Phone: +44 7984806975
    Fax: +44 8432653088
    Address: 20 Charring Road, LONDON ENGLAND W1D 7DY, U.K

    Inform me after you have contacted MR.DAVE PINCHES lawyer so that I can update him.

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