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Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2015

I am interested in purchasing your timeshare. Let me know if it is still available.


#4 , or Patricia Grooms, is at it still - thankfully I am enough of a skeptic to have researched the email and name and just wrote "her" back to get a life, hopefully in prison. Although the internet provides fodder for these thieves, it also provides sources to enable people to be warned about them. There is a legitimate Patricia Grooms in Nevada/California (linkedin) - I think I will warn her her name is being used for crime.
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real estate scam

I am a broker in Beaver Creek Colorado. Luckily my client forwarded her emails to me from this Patricia Groom who said she was interested in buying my his $60,000 timeshare. Would assume she would present him with what looked like a certified bank check while at the same time he would sign a Quit Claim deed to transfer the deed into her name. It would take about 10 days for the bank to figure out that the "certified check" is not valid.


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Usually the check doesn't clear escrow. They aren't after real estate although maybe that's in the future. At the moment they just want to put a hot check into someone's hands to steal some cash.


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Real estate theft may be in the future but it will be harder to make it stick in court. It has already been tried. There was a case in Australia.