PAY PAL Tracking Number Scam

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  1. Ben

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    from Service@paypal <> <>

    The scam works on an assumption that one in 100 people contacted will not know the true origin of a Pay Pal email , some will not be fully aware of Pay Pals payment procedure .
    A shipping number can be used in multiple scam formats eg: you have been awarded /won / inherited / a large sum of money.
    The addition of a tracking number will greatly increases the percentage of those who will venture the first steps towards replying instead of deleting.

    In this example the contact is made through an item of jewelry offered for sale on Craiglist ,the scammer replies via his Craiglist profile which states his location as USA.
    Nigeria is IP banned from using Pay Pal , but there are numerous ways for them to get around that .
    Back to the scam :

    The Scammer sends a short reply to the Craiglist sellers advert and a Craiglist generated notification is received at the sellers email address.

    I reply: Yes the ring is still for sale
    and receive back a formula letter from the scammer

    I send the scammer a random email address for my Pay Pal account and get a fake Pay Pal email back.

    The above return mail (from the same scammer) tells me he has no real Pay Pal account, the Pay Pal email is Fake plus the email address I sent him for my Pay Pal account would not be recognised by Pay Pal < a good way to test a suspicious Pay Pal trader.

    Question : so why is he making out he has an account with Pay Pal ?
    Answer: he is Phishing for a DHL / UPS tracking number to use in a completely separate 'mass mailing' scam

    so I send: a Fake Tracking number to his Fake Pay Pal address, he checks it
    & I get back this from: Fake "Service@paypal" < the actual sender is
    Most Pay Pal customers know not to send an item without the money first showing in their Pay Pal account , the scammer knows that but judging by a non existent destination address stated ,the scammer was never expecting a diamond ring to be sent to 'Antionette Cox 416 Fenwick Street Kosciusko, MS. 39090' .

    Random scams using an active tracking number
    More information: > see
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    Thank you Ben, that's excellent.
  3. Nan.R.21

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    Saved the day.

    Hello. I am new to Anti-Fraud International. I can't thank you enough for creating this page.

    Today I cancelled a transaction with a buyer from Nigeria. These examples are the exact emails I was sent. I am so grateful that I googled: [] because it brought me to this page. I was suspicious of the buyer and how persistent he was without even asking questions regarding the item. He just wanted to finish the transaction as soon as possible. I was about to ship the jewelry within the hour but something had me look at the emails a few more times.

    I'm so glad I avoided the scam but it makes me really sad knowing that many people get taken advantage of. I hope more people learn of this site.

  4. Ben

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    Hi and welcome Nan :) & full marks for web searching.
  5. another one

    Terry moore []

    Paypal clientservice informed:
    The victim would receive a fake paypal email, confirming the funds and requesting to send the item.
  6. enterprisy

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    Urgent! Paypal fraud but post add is not abroad

    I suffered very similar case to this last week, I sent my 1000 pounds Mac
    , but the fake buyer just use a London add, which is not far away from me. I am wondering how it works for criminal? he keep asked me the track number for two days even after the package have already arrived the place. is it possible to get the Mac back if I contact London local police?

    Thanks for help!!
  7. Spidey

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    Don't know but it can't hurt to contact the police.

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