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    From: "Pedro Esteban" <>
    Date: 05 Oct 2017


    This is to inform you of the release of the LA PRIMITIVA LOTTERY PROMOTIONS PROGRAM held on the 27th SEP, 2017. Due to the mix up of numbers and names, the results were later released on the 05th OCT, 2017. Your email was entered as an alternative number attached with Reference number: IES/1LC/127799/EU with Batch number: SN/0550017 /ESP, drew the Lucky numbers 7-10-20-27-37-4-7, which consequently won the lottery in the 3rd category. You have therefore been approved a lump sum payment of (SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED AND TEN EUROS ONLY) in cash. This is from a total cash prize of 926.480.00 EURO shared among the (EIGHT international winners in this category). CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Your fund is now deposited with a security company insured in your name. Due to false practices, we ask that you keep your award information strictly confidential and top secret from public notice, until your claim has been processed and money remitted to your possession as this is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unwarranted abuse of this program by unscrupulous individuals.

    All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from (ONE MILLION) emails from Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and South Pacific, as part of our International promotion program. We hope your lucky name will draw a bigger cash prize in the subsequent programs ahead.

    To begin your lottery claims, please contact your claims agent immediately ANTONIO MATINEZ the Foreign Service manager of ATLANTICOBILBAO.S.A on TEL: 0034-654-169-005, Email: For the processing and remittance of your prize winning money to a designated choice of yours.

    Remember, all prize money must be claimed not later than 05th NOV, 2017. Any claim, not made before this date will be returned to the MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA Y HACIENDA as unclaimed fund.&nbsp; And also be informed that 10% of your Winning belongs to ATLANTICOBILBAO.S.A&nbsp; as part of their commission for acting on your behalf.

    Three (3) certificates are to be issued to you by the local government tax authority, ministry of finance and ministry of interior, to back up your winning. Your agent will direct you further on the administrative requirement to enable the bank to release your fund to the designated choice of yours.

    NOTE:&nbsp; In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and batch numbers in every correspondence with your agent company. Furthermore, should there be any change of address, do inform your claims agency company as soon as possible as the original copy of your award letter has been forwarded to your agent company for the processing of your winning prize.

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    Pedro Esteban
    Vice President International Prize Department)

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