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Discussion in 'Employment scams' started by Guest1, Dec 11, 2016.

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  1. Guest1

    Guest1 Guest

    He is still at it used a different name known email. Just got emailed this.

    Thanks for responding to the job post advert. I regret to inform you that the position you’ve applied for has been filled. However, based on similar job qualifications, and after careful review of your experience, I’m happy to say that we’ll be able to use your help in another position! The available job position is as a Personal Assistant and the details about the position will be explained below.

    My name is Peter Thompson, an Interior Designers, Decorators & Art collector with a large client base and because of my job I'm constantly out of the State. My former Personal Assistant just got married and moved to Canada. If you accept my offer, I will need you to take charge of my mail pick ups and drop offs as well as errand running during your spare time outside of work. The job is flexible so you can do it wherever you are as long as there is a post office in the area. I will pay for the first week in advance to run any errands, and will also have my mails/packages forwarded to a nearby post office where you can pick them from at your convenience.

    All errands will be in your city/town so it is not a must you have a car, but if you do it might be a plus. When you get my mails/packages, you will be required to mail them to where I want them mailed too. The content of the packages will be business and personal mails. All expenses and taxes will be covered by me and you are to work for just 2 days per week (4 hours daily). You will be doing this for 3 weeks until I get back to town so we can formally meet and discuss about the possibility of making this arrangement long term if I'm satisfied with your performance. How much will you charge per week? Am willing to pay $400 weekly including gas and others expenses. That is not a bad offer is it? If you accept this offer please reply with the following details:

    click Job Offer Signup Form here,so you can fill the form online.Apply here below:

    I will be needing your service immediately, so once the information above is received, I will request your first week payment be mailed to you along with the pay to run errands for me. Kindly get back soon and have a nice a day.

    Peter Thompson
  2. TMas

    TMas Guest

    What is the deal with this? why is it a scam and how does it work?
  3. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

  4. Jelani Adams

    Jelani Adams Guest

    He still at it again. Got a email saying the same thing only difference was his name change. Dont fall for it. Block his number and cut off all contact with him
  5. Sapphire's Strike

    Sapphire's Strike Administrator Staff Member

    What name did he use please?
  6. I just got the same email.

    He got my name off
  7. Sapphire's Strike

    Sapphire's Strike Administrator Staff Member

    @ Lyshell ReAnn - Do you have any email addresses that this scammer uses please?
  8. Jan123890

    Jan123890 Guest

    he also uses
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  9. Mama bun

    Mama bun Guest

    Me too.
  10. Aurelia

    Aurelia Guest


    I received the same email stating he found me on as well. His email that he used was but his name Leonard came up in my phone when he texted me.
  11. Patriceguest

    Patriceguest Guest

    I just got the same thing via text yesterday.
  12. Annyomous

    Annyomous Guest

    I received the same message stating he found me on He used the name of Alfred Morris with an email of
  13. Sophia

    Sophia Guest

    this is fake just got the same thing but from an Alfred robinson, said he got my name off of
  14. steve75

    steve75 Guest

    The scammer works by sending you a fraudulent check for more than the weekly pay agreed on (usually $400 and the check could be $2000+) through a hacked UPS or FEDEX acct. He then asks you to go immediately upon receipt to go to an ATM and send him a portion back. The check is on a real account but usually bounces but you could be out $$ if you have enough money to cover it. You usually find out in a couple of days the check is no good but your money is long gone
  15. Sapphire's Strike

    Sapphire's Strike Administrator Staff Member

    @ steve75 You need to file a complaint with law enforcement or US Postal Service. Banking fake checks is an offense in the US.
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  16. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    It may not be a hacked account. You need to contact the FBI (as Sapphire's Strike mentioned) and UPS or FedEx and save the package it comes in. That's evidence.
  17. steve65

    steve65 Guest

    I called the FBI months ago and was told to fill out a report online. I gave them phone numbers, emails and the website address but I was never contacted, I don't know if anything was ever done
  18. Sapphire's Strike

    Sapphire's Strike Administrator Staff Member

    At least you did the right thing. Justice works in silence. ;)

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